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Game Over :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 0
Opal by ZuluZuzuLove Opal :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 1 5 The Temple Fusion by ZuluZuzuLove The Temple Fusion :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 0
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Catch you on the Flipside :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 0
Mature content
Untitled :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 0
Elphaba and G(a)linda Part Ways by ZuluZuzuLove Elphaba and G(a)linda Part Ways :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 1 2
Goodbye, Jack.
She stood before the tombstone that had his name etched on the front. Four years, they had been best friends. Four long years of him being there for her when she cried. Four years of him holding her after her father had beaten her. Four years of him visiting her in the hospital due to her weak constitution. And now he was gone, and never coming back. Snow began to fall from the sky. She looked up and let a single tear slip from her eyes. She bent over and laid a rose on the upturned soil. She left without a word. Upon reaching her home she heard the screams of her folks fighting and slipped in through her window. She walked over to her bed and scratched out a note for an old friend, set it on her table and reached for her pocketknife. She flicked it open and brought it down to her wrist and pressed hard. She tossed the knife away and laid back on her bed waiting for  darkness to consume her. And consume her it did. But before she closed her eyes, she said one last sentence. "I'll
:iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 2
Just Like The Day We Met 3 (Final)
Stoic had called Raven over to have a talk with her and fter a long walk with him, Raven had mentioned that Hiccup had stayed to practice  in the arena. Wanting to see his son in action, Stoic made his way in that direction. Raven tagged along. But on the way there, Gobber had come running up the the both of them. He was out of breath and looked scared.
"Stoic….its Hiccup…a deadly natter…got out of its cage!!! Hiccups still in the arena!!!" Stoic and ravens eyes widened and they ran full speed towards the arena. When they got there Raven couldnt believe her eyes.  A deadly natter had cornered Hiccup and was raising its tail to attack. Raven watched in horror as her best friend was about to be killed. Her feet moved on her own, she threw herself over the fence, landed harshly on the ground and ran full speed towards him. Just as the dragon had released its spikes Hiccup closed his eyes. Stoic let out a yell.
The thump of many spikes piercing flesh rang in Hiccups ears but he d
:iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 1 0
Just Like The Day We Met 2
A few days after Raven received the treatment she needed, she woke up. She turned her head and saw Hiccup asleep at her side. She smiled softly and pulled herself up into a sitting position. She paused, her head spinning from the movement.  Hiccup stirred and he picked his head up. "Hey, you're awake. That's great!" He stood and walked to her side. "How are you feeling?" Raven stretched in her bed and swung her legs over the side. "I've felt better to be honest...why can't I feel my..." She looked down and her eyes widened in horror.
"My....leg...." She muttered. Hiccup cringed. "Hey, it's not as bad as it seems. You have a new leg now, and it'll work just as well. I promise." He gave her the same weak crooked smile that he had given her the day thet they met. She took a deep breath and with Hiccups help, she stood up. She was the same height as Hiccup and around the same weight.  She nodded towards him to let her go and when he did she tried to take a step forward. She stumb
:iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 0
Just Like The Day We Met
It was a cold winter night, the snow falling harshly to the ground in the village. Hiccup had just arrived at home when his father, Stoic, burst through the door of his cottage carrying a limp young woman in his arms. Moving too hastily to notice him, Stoic accidentally trampled over Hiccup, taking the girl to a nearby bed. Hiccup scoffed, picked himself up and dusted himself off. At that moment he noticed there was a trail of blood following behind his father. Confused and a bit worried, he followed the trail to his fathers room where he saw Stoic laying the limp girl down on his bed. Hiccup looked at his father, there didn't seem to be any injuries on him, save for maybe a few scratches and bruises. Hiccup looked at the girl again, this time more carefully. What he saw nearly made him sick to his stomach. The girls leg from the knee down, was missing, and bleeding badly. Stoic finally saw Hiccup and pulled him into the room and handed him a long string of cloth. "Hiccup, tie this tig
:iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 0
Dear Jack Frost
Jack, when I was a little girl, I would look out my window during winter and watch the snow fall. I had a weak constitution so I was never allowed to go out and play in the snow or I would catch pneumonia. I'd watch the snowflakes fall from inside my room and thank you for them rather than Santa Claus. When I was sick I'd make little paper snowflakes for you and give them to my parents to hang on our tree outside. When I was lonely I'd draw pictures in the frost on my window. I remember you would occasionally open my window to let in a perfectly formed snowflake as if to say, "Look at the beautiful thing I made for you." When I turned 19 my best friend died and I had lost all hope. Yet at the funeral, even though it was in September, you made it snow for me. When I took my own life the last words to leave my lips were, "I'll always believe in you Jack Frost." And I meant it. My only wish is that you remember me.
With love from a lifetime and forever more,
:iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 98 319
I'm Still Here... by ZuluZuzuLove I'm Still Here... :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 12 0 SoMa Wallpaper by ZuluZuzuLove SoMa Wallpaper :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 4 0
Soul Eater OC Story
It all started on a rainy night, the chuckling moon high in the sky.
"Hang in there Holli, you hear me? Don't you let go of me!" A purple haired man cried to the motionless red head in his arms. Her mottled body was limp as a rag doll. The man wrapped his leather jacket over her and pulled her closer. His speed increased, the freezing rain pelting into his cerulean eyes and on his cheeks.
"We need to get you medical help, and fast!" He spotted a large building and gave a cry of relief.
"Oh thank god."
The man raced up to the large french doors and pounded on them, screaming for someone to answer. He felt a cold hand ghost across his cheek and looked down.
"Hart...calm down...I'll be okay...*hack*." She coughed up blood onto Hart's black jacket. This stirred a new found panic in Hart's heart. He pounded  the doors harder, screamed louder. Suddenly the doors swung open to reveal a large black shadow hiding behind a skull like mask.
"Hiya!" the shadow, now obviously a man said i
:iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 1
Tobiki Mihawk by ZuluZuzuLove Tobiki Mihawk :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 1 0 My thoughts on Music of the Night by ZuluZuzuLove My thoughts on Music of the Night :iconzuluzuzulove:ZuluZuzuLove 0 4


Releasing Fireflies by jasminetoad Releasing Fireflies :iconjasminetoad:jasminetoad 104 5 Untitled by sharkie19 Untitled :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,002 58 SM: Outer Princesses-2 by Kay-I SM: Outer Princesses-2 :iconkay-i:Kay-I 413 13 First Time Human by NattiKay First Time Human :iconnattikay:NattiKay 55 12 Commission [7]17 by Bitter-Cherry Commission [7]17 :iconbitter-cherry:Bitter-Cherry 37 3 Commission [9]17 by Bitter-Cherry Commission [9]17 :iconbitter-cherry:Bitter-Cherry 48 5 Kurama Fox by xong Kurama Fox :iconxong:xong 386 15 Undertaker shesshomaru  collage commission by xong Undertaker shesshomaru collage commission :iconxong:xong 216 17 I_won't_leave_you_behind! by blackenedkrono I_won't_leave_you_behind! :iconblackenedkrono:blackenedkrono 182 17 ANIMATION COMMISSION by Bitter-Cherry ANIMATION COMMISSION :iconbitter-cherry:Bitter-Cherry 145 12 Daily Painting 1672# Auroara Roarealis by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1672# Auroara Roarealis :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,556 178 +Raven - Goth Music+ by larienne +Raven - Goth Music+ :iconlarienne:larienne 2,946 65 UT | Horrortale AU: Any Last Words? by kamillyanna UT | Horrortale AU: Any Last Words? :iconkamillyanna:kamillyanna 416 73 [YCH][MPreg] Lelouch in Labor by soopersecret
Mature content
[YCH][MPreg] Lelouch in Labor :iconsoopersecret:soopersecret 21 6
Everything Is Possible Ch. 1
Late February
"Why can't we just use magic to do this?" Zoc asked as he scraped old paint and wall paper off of a wall.
"Because that wouldn't be as much fun, maybe if the walls were in good enough condition to just paint over all of this then we could have done it with magic, but since we have to scrape it all off  its more fun to do it by hand." Ann replied from where she was working a couple of feet away.
"You really think this is fun?" Zoc asked.
"Of course, we're getting to see how everyone who lived in this house before us had the walls done. There's so much history and personality, see who ever chose this wall paper must have liked flowers and who ever chose the pale blue must have wanted something relaxing and the bright yellow must have been someone who wanted a bright cheery room and who ever chose the olive green just had horrible taste in paint." Ann said as she scraped through each layer.
"You are completely crazy," Zoc said as he set his paint scraper down and s
:icondragon-star-empress:Dragon-Star-Empress 5 0
Sweet li'l Pupa by AXEL464 Sweet li'l Pupa :iconaxel464:AXEL464 41 6


I like the way Aurore's head is ever so slightly angled towards Edward as if she is trying to lure him into watching her and she has a ...



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It was now or never. Frisk had to save her friends, their voices rang out one by one, spouting encouragements and praises.
"We have faith in you my child!"
"We are here for you young one."
"U-um! Y-youve g-got this!"
Then that voice, the one voice that could bring her out of even the darkest of times. The voice that soothed her nerves and made her smile.
"im rootin for ya kiddo."
It was then that Frisk was able to pull herself together enough to defeat Asriel, and save his soul. A bright white light blinded her momentarily. When she was able to open her eyes again her friends all stood around her, smiling.
"You did it my child!"
"I knew you could do it punk!"
"I-im so r-relieved!"
"Thank you young one."
But where was-? A shout rang out from behind the wall of friends.
"Papyrus?" Frisk pushed past Toriel, and Undyne. The sight that greeted her tore at her heart. Papyrus was kneeling on the ground, his older brother in his arms, barely conscious, bleeding. Frisk ran over to the brothers and slid to her knees, not caring that the concrete tore at her skin.
"S-sans?" her voice cracked, a knot grew in her throat. The skeletal mans eye sockets opened slowly and the small, now dimmed, lights that served as his irises shifted to look at her, sweat rolling off his skull, his body rattling slightly.
"H-hey kiddo..." Sans weakly lifted his arm up to give her a weak high five but Frisk simply held his hand. Toriel rushed over and knelt down beside Papyrus and gently took Sans' head in her lap. Frisk swallowed hard when the movement caused Sans to cringe and let out a pained gasp. She reached down to pull open his hoodie but Sans stopped her hand.
"thats...probably not gunna be pretty..." he warned, but Frisk pulled his jacket open anyway. A large gaping, bleeding gash was revealed from beneath the blue blood-stained fabric. Frisk felt her heart leap up into her throat.
"Sans..." She whimpered, looking back up to him. Toriel looked away.
"How awful..." She whispered. Papyrus had Sans' other hand firmly gripped in his own.
"Sans, youre...youre going to be okay right?" Frisk asked, though she already knew the answer to that question. He wasn't going to make it. He only had one exp and it looked like more than half of that was already gone. He was fading quickly.
"course ill be okay...itll take more than that t-" He began to cough up blood, causing more pain to surge through his body. His coughing ceased though it took him a few more moments to relax from the pain.
"who am i kidding? im not gunna make it kiddo, im so sorry." He lifted his hand to cup her cheek. Tears flowed freely down the young womans cheek as she leaned into his cool touch.
"frisk..." He said softly, using her name for the very first time. Hearing her name in his voice pulled at every heartstring and she fell for him more even though she thought that was impossible.
"Sans...please..." She whimpered. Asgore had left, no longer being of any need to anyone, while Undyne sat down crosslegged trying her damndest to hold back tears. Alphys sat beside her and tried to comfort her. Frisk turned to the yellow dinosaur looking monster.
"Isn't there anything you can do to help him?!" She asked desperately. Alphys looked sadly to her feet.
"Th-there isnt enough time...i-im so sorry..." She stuttered.
"Frisk, look, its okay." Sans said softly trying to calm her. The young woman turned so abruptly to look at him that tears whipped away from her face.
"No its not!! Its not okay Sans! What am I gunna do without you? What am I going to do when im sad and i need your stupid puns to cheer me up? What about Papyrus? He needs his brother! I cant-!!!" She paused to recollect herself and spoke softer. "I cant live without you. Not now. Not after youve made me fall so deep in love with you. I need you Sans." Sans looked taken aback by her outburst and confession, his hand lifting to touch her cheek yet again.
"Frisk, youre timing sucks, you know that?" A sad chuckle left his mouth. A confused expression crept its way to Frisks face.
"Come on now kid, dont give me that look. You know what im talking about." Frisks look of confusion turned to one of realization and understanding.
"Sans, you-?" She asked. The skeletal man smiled softly.
"Course i do." His words were warm and loving, much different from his usual joking tone. Frisk bit her bottom lip and gently leaned down to wrap her arms around his neck.
"You idiot...." She whispered. Sans wrapped his arms around her as tightly as he could, paying no mind to the pain he was currently feeling.
"Do me a favor kid?" He asked. Frisk nodded against his shoulder.
"Take care of Paps for me? Oh and my jacket. And, dont be sad over me for too long. Mourn, and be sad for a little while, but then I want you to move on. Okay?"
Frisk nodded again, not wanting to let go of him.
"Okay Sans. I promise..."
"hey, look at me." He said weakly. Frisk obeyed and pulled herself up to look him in the eyesockets. He lifted his hand to gently brush through her brown hair and smiled.
"I love you." He leaned forward and pressed his skull against her forehead. Frisk laid a kiss to his cheekbone before reciprocating his words.
"I love you too Sans."
Sans smiled and his eyes shifted to look at his little brother.
"I love you too Paps. You be good for Frisk. Make her your famous spaghetti whenever shes sad okay? Im counting on ya buddy."
Papyrus nodded, rubbing his eyesockets with his scarf.
"I Papyrus w-will do my best t-to keep our human friend h-happy!" He shouted, then looked down towards his older brother.
"Im going to miss you Sans."
"Im gunna miss you too bud."
Sans then glanced up at Toriel.
"Thanks for the jokes Tori. We had some good times. Take care of my girl for me will ya?"
Toriel nodded solemnly.
"Of course."
Sans then laid his eyesockets back on Frisk. A soft, sad smile lifted to his mouth.
"One last kiss for the road?" He asked, tears welling up in his eyesockets. Frisk nodded and leaned down to press a kiss to his lack of lips, her hands firmly pressed to the sides of his face. She could feel his body turning to dust beneath her, and heavy fat tears rolled down her cheeks. Moments later, Frisk was left holding only a blood-stained jacket and a handful of dust. She clutched the garment to her chest and let out a heart wrenching sob that echoed throughout the castle.

Monster tradition was to spread the deceased monters dust over his/her favorite thing, but this was a special case. Since the loved ones he left behind were of a different decent, things were changed. 1/3 of Sans' dust was put in a small urn that Frisk wore around her neck. The other 2/3 were given to Papyrus to do with what he pleased. THe jacket was washed and Toriel sewed up the slash across the front. Frisk wore the jacket all the time, never taking it off except to shower. Getting over the death of Sans would not be easy, but she would make it through. She spent most of her time out by Sans' abandoned puzzles and the spot where they'd first met. Her heart ached as she recalled the memories of the good old days. It tore at her heart, knowing that shed never see him again. "There is a way to bring your lover back..." A lilting voice whispered in the back of her mind. Frisk looked up and saw it. A glowing beacon of hope laid before her.

R  E  S  E  T  
Game Over
In which Frisk and Sans are roughly the same age mentally and Frisk is female

Also slight spoilers for the pacifist route

I own nothing
Undertale and its characters belong to Toby
I painted opal because she's awesome 😁
Steven universe and its characters belong to Rebecca sugar, I own nothing.
The Temple Fusion
My version of What the temple fusion would look like.
Steven Universe and all it's characters belong to Rebecca Sugar, I own nothing.



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Well guys, today marks the 3rd week since my friend passed away. Its been rough but I am managing thanks to your prayers. I haven't seen his family yet because I want to give them their space. I also wanted to ask you all a question.
The other night, after lighting a candle and saying a prayer for him, I went to bed. For some reason, at 12 am on the dot, i woke up out of a dead slep because I felt someone holding my hand....Is it possible that it could have been Justin, my friend that passed away? Please tell me Im not crazy.

<3 A fellow Ranger


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